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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1741J   JLO me JtLon. nenry seymour vonway     no
Kobinson's and the birthday. You have already had accounts, I suppose, of the former from Lady Caroline1 and Mr. Selwyn, but I will say my bit about it too ; I told Lady Caroline I would; besides, I made a list of most of the people, and will tell you some of the company, which was all extremely good ; there were none but people of the first fashion, except Mr. Kent2, Mr. Gibber3, Mr. Swiny, and the Parsons family, and you know all these have an alloy. Kent came as governess to Lady Charlotte Boyle4, Gibber and Swiny have long had their freedom given them of this end of the town, and the Parsons's took out theirs at Paris. There were an hundred and ninety-seven people, yet no confusion; he had taken off all the doors of hie house, and, in short, distributed everybody quite to their well-being. The dancers were the two Lady Lenox's5 (Lady Emily queen of the ball, and appeared in great majesty from behind a vast bouquet), Lady Lucy Manners6, Lady Ancram7, Lady Lucy Clinton8, Ladies Harriot and
LETTER 47.—Not in 0.; printed from original in possession of Sir T. V. Lister.
1  Lady Caroline Fitzroy (d. 1784), eldest daughter of second Duke of Grafton; ra. (1746) William Stanhope, Viscount Petersham, who succeeded his father as second Earl of Harrington in 1766.
2  William Kent, architect (1684-1748).
8 Colley Gibber, actor and dramatist (1671-1767).
* Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, daughter and eventually heir of third Earl of Burlington; m. (1748) William Cavendish, Marquis of Hartington (afterwards fourth Duke of Devonshire); succeeded her father as Baroness Clifford (1753), when the Clifford estates in Yorkshire and co. Cork passed to the Cavendish family; d. (as Marchioness of Hartington) 1754.
8 Lady Georgiana Caroline Lennox
(d. 1774), eldest daughter of second Duke of Edchmond; cr. Baroness Holland, of Holland, Lincolnshire, 1762; m. (1744) Henry Fox (after-wards Lord Holland), by whom she was the mother of the second Lord Holland and of Charles James Pox.
Lady Emilia Mary Lennox (d.1814), second daughter of second Duke of Bichmond; m. 1. (1747) James Fitzgerald, twentieth Earl of Koldare (afterwards Duke of Leinster); 2. (1774) William Ogilvie.
6  Youngest   daughter  of   second Duke of Rutland; m. (1742) William Graham, second Duke of Montrose ; d. 1788.
7  Lady Caroline Darcy (d. 1778), daughter of third Earl of Holcler-nesse;   m.   (1735)   William   Henry BLerr, Earl of Ancram,  afterwards fourth Marquis of Lothian.
8  Eldest daughter of seventh Earl of Lincoln ; d. unmarried in 1763.
I 2